Leadership: New Approaches in the 21st Century

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Editor(s): Mohammad Ali Sarlak - IRAN - PNU | Hassan Abedi Jafari - IRAN - TEHRAN UNIVERSITY |
ISBN: Print Vol.1: 978-1-927041-05-5 E-Book Vol.1: 978-1-927041-06-2 Multi Volume Set: 978-1-927041-15-4
Publish Date: 2013-01-20

Book Description

Leadership is a dynamic and evolving process and organizations must be equipped with the latest leadership approaches to overcome multi-dimensional and rapid changes in the 21st century. This multi-volume reference book explains new approaches to leadership that leaders use to direct and influence their subordinates toward their organizational goals. All organizations regardless of their type, size and structure need to be aware of the new approaches to leadership to improve their leadership capabilities as well as their chance of success in achieving their goals. This Management and Business Reference Book tries to provide a comprehensive picture to its readers of the latest leadership approaches in the 21st century. To provide the greatest reading flexibility, the book organized in self-contained chapters representing each of the leadership approaches mentioned below

Book Chapters:

Recommended approaches include, but are not limited to, the following:

Authentic Leadership

Caring Leadership

Credible Leadership


Exemplary Leadership

Gender Leadership

Inspirational Leadership

Intercultural Leadership

Invisible Leadership

Moral Leadership

Principal Leadership

Reconstructive Leadership

Sacrificed Leadership

Self Leadership

Spiritual Leadership

Value-based Leadership

Youth Leadership...

Agentic leadership

Autocratic leadership.

Bureaucratic leadership.

Charismatic leadership

Collaborative leadership

Cross-cultural leadership

Democratic leadership

Participative leadership

Ethical leadership

Outstanding leadership

People-oriented leadership

Relations-oriented leadership

Remote leadership

Servant leadership

Trait Leadership

Transactional leadership

Transformational leadership

Visionary Leadership

Strategic Leadership

Team Leadership

Facilitative Leadership

Designated Leadership

Peer Leadership

Self Leadership

Group leadership

Person-focused leadership

Task-focused leadership

Delegative Leadership

360 degree leadership

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